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A tool

for transforming chaos


When your mind or your spaces get too cluttered, we'll help you stay on track!

Your Searchable Digital Journal and Organizer



You need a power solution, not a fragile method that gets crushed by the reality of how many things you actually own.

Lab Journaling.jpg

Lab Journaling

Gather information, analyze it and reach conclusions. Search your own data and merge the results to a polished PDF or Word document with one click!

Disaster Recovery.jpg

Disaster Recovery

Make an insurance inventory with pictures and barcodes. We make it easy enough that you'll actually do it!

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How does it work?


Search and query your Containers to see what's in them. A physical Container like a bin holds real things. An abstract Container like a group or category holds thoughts or information. You're probably going to need both!


Find your things and your thoughts rapidly. Where did you put that warranty information? Your kid's birth certificate? And what was that great idea you had? Use freeform keywords to locate them and build a visual map to where they are.


Get creative building your personal ad-free search results with images, file links. web urls. and your own original notes and annotations. Unlike certain others. we take your privacy seriously. You will never see a new ad because of searching something here!

Wait a second...

isn't this like those "other" organization apps out there?


Rule Your Master Plan

We fit more of your critical information onto the screen at once so you can see the big picture. We're even willing to look a little bit Retro to do it! The thing is, you need a Power Tool, not a toy. We're here for the tough jobs.

Manage Complexity

Smart items in your search result that interact provide financial and time metrics that are always up-to-date. Need a snapshot document in PDF or Word? Generate it with one click!

Have Some Privacy

We never spy on your searches. Your data isn't on our server. You will never get a new ad in your social media because of your search. When AI is raking you over the coals, we offer a refuge where you are still in charge!

Sync and Share

Our sync uses the Google Drive account you already have so sharing one or more databases and syncing between devices works the way you're already familiar with. We take special care to minimize the data bandwidth used, even when your databases grow large.

Connect the Chaos

Tease out hidden connections using our proprietary keyword algorithms. Plus we give you a visual map of the keywords themselves that is unique to our product. These combine to reveal relationships you may not know you had and you don't even need to send us your DNA!

...and Stop the Invasion!

We all know that certain apps force their add-in buttons (into Outlook for example) without permission! Our goal is to put you in Total Control and will never do anything that interferes with that prime directive.


What Users Are Saying...

I really love being able to copy/paste information straight into the detail window and how unlimited this feature feels

- Shannon

I love the home location option!!

- Steff

Very useful, handy, and fun to use.

- Alex

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