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  • What is SasQuatch?
    Think of it this way: Want to watch a "cute kitten video"? Enter a few keywords in your browser and moments later you're watching a cute kitten video! But what about finding really important things like your car title or your kid's birth certificate? Here's where SasQuatch Find Anything is like having your own personal internet. Enter a few keywords in SasQuatch and in a moment you can find anything that belongs to you--thoughts or things. And you choose the keywords! That's just the start... Many of us spend a ton of time finding answers and info, but when we need the same information the next time we start all over. This is where SasQuatch really shines--finding things again but this time WAY faster and without all the ads and noise! At a deeper level, it's a power tool for turning general chaos into real connections--a searchable digital journal and organizer with some powerful (but easy to use) features that you'll wonder how you ever did without!
  • Will it run on my device?
    Yes, if you have Windows 10 PC or a Tablet (like the Surface®) MacBook and using Parallels® software to run Windows programs on it Download SasQuatch Find Anything for free on Microsoft Store But if your device is Android Phone iPhone then please be patient! We plan to release these some time in 2021.
  • Does SasQuatch allow connections to my social media?
    SasQuatch has the ability to set searchable links to social media pages, users and posts. Not only can this accelerate your navigation on any one site, it can create bundles that correlate posts across all your accounts on different sites, too. What we won't do is just throw you to the wolves by subscribing to feeds. This falls under the SasQuatch Prime Directive: Everything is controlled by you. Not by Artificial Intelligence algorithms or data mining operations.
  • What protections are in place when connecting to social media?
    Let's play a game! Pick any product at random. Use your web browser to search on it. Go look in your social media feeds. Are you seeing new ads for products like the one you searched? Probably. When social media connects it's not always in your best interests. It's not that targeted ads are either good or bad necessarily. It's more about whether you think that what you get is worth the price you pay. That's your business, and we stay out of your business--in fact that's the point we're making! What we do promise is that we don't operate that way and never will. To put it bluntly, we will never spy on you or mine your searches in that way. Your data can't be hacked or exploited on our servers because it's never on our servers, period. Knowing where you are, what you're buying and what your ancestry is—and then selling that information—this is big business. We just think it's none of our business.
  • IVSoftware seems a little obsessed with internet privacy! What's the big deal?
    These numbers are always changing (increasing!) but there are an estimated 60 million cameras in the US and an estimated 300 million worldwide. According to sources, we're caught on camera ~70 times a day and some of that's redundant because our smart phones track our location too. At IVSoftware we take the view that Privacy is, in fact, a pretty big deal--that it's not hyperbole to say that sometimes it can mean the difference between life and death. So, yes, we're strong advocates for being wide-awake on this issue. We'd prefer that no one is too naive to understand what the dangers are, or too cynical to care about them.
  • Why do I need another organizer? I've already got three!
    SasQuatch makes connections between other productivity software. You chose those apps for a reason—why would you want to replace them? We're not asking you to. Our mission is to bring more leverage by them together as a single ecosystem. Call it what you will—a dashboard, an index, a central hub. We want to make it where one keyword search can bring up the information that you've stored across multiple apps, documents and websites and display it in one place.
  • I saw a teaser video for SasQuatch that said "Welcome to Level One". What does that mean?"
    SasQuatch has been compared to game that's simple and easy at first, but then you get to new levels by making discoveries, and gaining new skills and powers as you go.
  • Do I have to choose between other apps and SasQuatch? Is this a culture war?
    There are some superficial similarities between products like Trello, Evernote and OneNote (which are systems of making notes or lists) and SasQuatch (which is a system of making connections). The difference? Our app is an easy and intuitive command center that coordinates the activities of those other apps! EXAMPLE - Design a web page You have images scattered in various locations. You're using Photoshop to manipulate them. You're managing the project team with a kanban board on GitHub or Trello. You have an editor dashboard and the preview website itself.
  • How can SasQuatch help someone adapt who is dealing with OCD or Asperger's?
    Almost everyone has routines. Get up, walk the dog, take kids to school and get to work. Persons with cognitive challenges can run into trouble performing routines on schedule because of a missing or distorted sense of time. List are known to be helpful. Check out this great article by Keily Blair. Dynamic lists in SasQuatch are especially effective at avoiding circularities (where primary task has a prerequisite that becomes the primary task). An add-on feature called Future-Based Time Planning is very helpful when there is a non-negotiable deadline (your flight is leaving or you have to be at work at a certain time). SasQuatch provides a running, visual read that includes: What things (tasks) need to happen How long each task will take What needs to be happening right now How much time remains to complete the current task It has been shown that having this visual read can reduce anxiety and improve performance when it comes to getting ready or being somewhere.
  • Do aspies really eat their own young?
    No. Common misconception, though.

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