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Where our name came from...

That’s easy! Our app is named after the notoriously difficult-to-find (but very real) SasQuatch creature. He (or she) symbolizes all those things that we spend way too much time looking for in our daily lives.

Where the idea came from...

That’s easy, too! Whiteboards. Notes stuck everywhere. Arranging them in trees. Starting over. New priorities. Changes of plans. New sticky notes. Keep it together...keep it together...until finally gridlock! All of the time for a given task is now consumed trying to find all the pieces needed to work on the task before a new task comes along!

Epiphany and paradigm shift. Nights and weekends in passionate pursuit. Make a tree with software! Move notes by dragging! Connect physical items somehow. Multiple virtual whiteboards. Find things 10x... 100x... faster. People and passwords and apps and papers and ID cards and the physical items all run in packs now. Diverse elements bundled into logical groups. Now it all makes sense.

Too many ideas? Up to now, this is a problem. Brain working too rapidly. Am I being taken hostage by my own success? Or is my brainstorming so successful that it's keeping me from succeeding? Everything moving too fast. Fighting urges to curl up in a ball.

And now things are better! Ideas occur as opportunities. Grab them before they can fly away. Tag ‘em. Bag ’em. Software keeping pace with the mind. Flowing with changing tasks and priorities. Energy begets energy. Success makes for more success.


About the Creator

Hi! I’m Tom Gregor.

Did that just make your head spin a little? That's how words in my head sound. (My friend Dan makes super-good videos explaining why that’s so for many people.) I thought it would be fun to not edit it.

OK, so I’ve been doing this a while. I learned to program as an undergrad at Cornell University and there were punch cards involved. The cards eventually went away, but the passion did not.

When digital audio was still new and music production software was the cutting edge, I opened a recording studio and produced records for many Colorado bands. Firefall is one you might know.

Eventually, I found myself working at a certain Silicon Valley tech firm. Believe me, I learned how to manage complexity in the 15 years I worked there.

IVSoftware is my latest venture and SasQuatch Find Anything is the premiere product. It works for anyone with a brain--normal or otherwise--but what I really love is its potential for helping persons like me whose brains might be wired a little bit differently to survive, thrive and adapt. I believe you will find very handy regardless.

I should mention this: The IV in our name is a Roman numeral! Make sure to pronounce it Four Software so everyone knows you're cool.

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